Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Let the French Commencer

Monday marked the beginning of my French classes. Since I want to learn as much French as possible, I have signed up for two classes and am exploring the possibility of hiring another tutor. The class in the morning is a one-on-one with an experienced teacher from Benin, and the class in the evening is at the French Cultural center with 5 other students (one from India, Lebanon; etc.). Both are three days a week- Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (Lundi, Mercredi, et Juedi).

I am also reading The Idiots Guide to Learning French, and I have several workbooks that I am using for class. Things are coming along well, and I can form basic sentences, but Karin always laughs because I usually mess up at least one word in every sentence. I am forcing myself to use it more whenever I can. At the place where we are staying, there is a man from Benin and a woman from Gabon with whom I speak French (we are often in the kitchen up on the roof preparing meals at the same time), and I also use French more and more with Pr. Leopold and his wife, Leontine.

By the way, I didnt preach Sunday, but the stories from worship that day are worthy of a separate post on the blog!


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  1. Quand tu as les reves en francais, tu es arrive! Bonne chance... JoAnn