Wednesday, July 1, 2009

In Togo

We made it across the border this morning, and this time with no need for even a small bribe. Actually, we did tip the guy who pointed us in the right direction (although it was pretty obvious) as we made our way through Benin and then Togo customs officials and got our taxi to wait for us on the other side. Ray and I shared the front seat of the car, and four others squeezed in the back. Thankfully our driver was a cautious one.

We were just sitting on the beach enjoying some fried plantains and yams, watching lots of young guys plalying barefoot soccer. And since our place back in Benin didnt have water for the last 36 hours, we are looking forward to our cold showers tonight...


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  1. Hey guys. catching up on all of your posts. and looking foward to reading more about wow, this excellent adventure! Seems as though all has gone smoothly, glad for that. Hope it continues to be so as you travel around more. can't wait to see all your cool pics. LOVE sbay