Friday, August 7, 2009

"Our President"

Walking around, it is not unusual to see American flags hanging everywhere- on buildings, on the side of the road, and in thewind shields of cars all around this part of West Africa. We have also seen a number of Barak Obama t-shirts, even in remote villages inBurkina Faso! Almost overnight, America and Americans have again become the best friends of Africans.

Granted, I doubt most people here could tell you one thing about Obama and his policies, other than the fact that his father is from Kenya. But, as many people have told us here, 'Obama is our president'. People here even knew about Obama's recent visit to Ghana before we did. I was told that people here stayed up until early in the morning on election night, watching the results come in. When Obama was declared President, people told us, they danced in the streets.

In any case, the world is watching and again, supporting America. Hopefully we, as a country, can use this goodwill to bring about positive things for all people everywhere.


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