Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The doctor said I needed a change of scenery. What better place to go than Murchison Falls national park for a weekend getaway with friends?
We went on a safari through the park. With our heads popping out the sun roof we were on the lookout for elephants, lions, leopards, buffalo, hippos, giraffe, deer, antelope, jackal, warthogs, gazelle, waterbuck, and birds...
Looks like 2 lions right? At least that's what I was hoping...
Nope, just those warthogs. Despite our efforts to spot lions in the grass and leopards in the trees, we didn't see any cats.
These gals were all over the place. In the background across the lake is the Democratic Republic of Congo. I have so many more photos of animals that will be put in a slideshow for viewing once we are back home and with you in person.
We went on a boat ride up the Nile towards the waterfall. Along the way the boat stuck close to the coast and so we saw so many animals, mostly hippos, crocodiles, elephants, warthogs, deer/antelope things... You see the elephant in this one?
Apparently keeping cool by keeping its mouth open wide.
Warthogs having a brawl along the water.
I love the way the clouds and shadows practically make this a natural back&white and color photo at once.

Waterfall way in the back. We went to the top of the falls the next day.
This is where the river Nile is the most narrow, making for a very powerful waterfall.
Here we are with our friends Marissa and Ben who traveled all the way from Philadelphia to visit us in Gulu!
Some years ago there was a flood and the second waterfall on the left was created. Imagine how powerful the waterfall must have been before.
sunset from the top of the falls. end to a beautiful couple of days :)

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