Friday, November 5, 2010

why no power?

Several brutal storms have passed through this week. The combination of wind, rain, hail, lightning and thunder made for quite the show but left a path of destruction in its wake. Electric poles cracked in half, fences and walls were smashed under the weight of trees or blown over in the wind, metal roofs flew off or were damaged... On my walk into work I had to step over several electric lines and duck under other low hanging ones (there is no electricity running through them). Any guesses as to when we will have light again?

An intense clap of thunder last night startled me from deep sleep and had me sitting straight up in bed. Ahmed said he saw its accompanying bolt of lightning strike our wall.

An electric pole cracked in half.

Just enough room for a car to fit under.

A leaning electric pole.

Damaged roof and trees down.

The big pile of mud is the roots of a tree that fell over in the storm.  The other side of the street (in the background of the photo) used to be lined with large, old trees. Almost everyone of them fell. 

All that is left of the fence around this building is its green gate and (at center of photo). The padlock is also still in place.

This downed power line crosses the main road into town.

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