Tuesday, October 12, 2010

coaching the hawks

The Hawks other coach is out of the country for a month so Ray has taken on more coaching responsibilities. The team came out strong on Saturday and held their lead, beating the number one team and assuring their place in the playoffs.
Team huddle at the start of the game.
Tip off.
Hawks were up 30 to 28 at half time.
Making plans.
1-2-3. Go Hawks!
Driving to the basket.
Our player banged his head on the poles of the basket. Near collisions with the metal poles seems to happen constantly. The condition of the courts is very poor.
Coaching from the sideline.
 The crowd grew as the game went on, and enthusiastically cheered on their home team to victory! And, thankfully the impending storm held off long enough for the game to finish.

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