Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rwanda's landscape

Ray and I arrived traveled from Gulu to Rwanda via Kampala. The landscape changed dramatically as we entered the central part of Uganda and then Rwanda- the road hugged the hillsides, following the curves of the mountain range. The hillsides, terraced to make farming possible, lead into green valleys which were busy in the morning hours with groups of people farming collectively. The farmland appeared utilized and productive right up to the the city streets of Kigali.
 Sunrise at the border between Uganda and Rwanda.

Rwanda is much more hilly and forested compared with the landscape of northern Uganda.


A fountain in downtown Kigali. Almost all of the roads appeared paved in the city and all of the major roads connecting cities were paved.

 Best mode of transport around the city (and the use of helmets is enforced).

The cities and countryside were noticeably trash free. Plastic bags of all shapes and sizes are prohibited countrywide (and there must be effective trash collection/removal of some kind). Plastic bags are literally considered contraband at border crossings. Can you imagine a plastic bag free US?

On the drive to the south of the country.

On our drive back to Kigali.

In this beautiful landscape it is hard to imagine what happened here 16 years ago.

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