Monday, October 25, 2010

power is out

The electricity went out sometime Thursday night, and after some 60 hours managed to make a brief appearance Sunday afternoon. The power was on long enough to cool down the fridge and for me to turn on the hot water boiler for a hot shower. The moon has disappeared again, making the night very dark. We manage to cook, play card games, and get around the house by the light of a headlamp and two lanterns (one battery run and the other kerosene). I'm pretty sure last night Ahmed resorted to his red bike light as his source of light.

We spent Friday evening at a cafe in town that runs a generator, taking advantage of their grilled cheese sandwiches and electricity outlets. Luckily my office has a generator, so we can all continue to work and power up our laptops, phones, batteries. I made odi again on Saturday with Lucy, meaning we roasted, skinned and cleaned 3 kilos of ground nuts and 1 kilo of sesame seeds. But it still needs to be ground into paste. So I'm waiting for another window of light to take my bucket of g-nuts and sesame to the grinder. :)

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