Monday, July 26, 2010

It's winter, say what?

It was only this past Saturday that I really felt cold. Last week I saw my co-workers begin to bundle up in the morning hours with winter jackets and scarves. The cold weather had not really hit me yet, it felt cool, yes, but cold enough for a winter jacket? I was still comfortable wearing a short sleeve shirt, skirt, and sandals- I thought the cool weather was a nice respite from the heat of the past weeks. The odd thing is that it is cold in the morning or evening when the sky is covered in rain clouds threatening a downpour, but, in a matter of hours the sun is shinning strong and it is quite hot out again.

How is one supposed to know what to wear to work? Should I carry my rain jacket? Will my extra sweater feel like a burden by lunch time?

It seems we are entering the rainy season, and with the rain comes cool temperatures and breezes. Can you believe I did not pack a scarf? Me, of all people! I will search for one in the market today after work and perhaps a blanket too.


  1. Karin, I absolutely do NOT believe you didn't pack a scarf?!? How is that even possible? I'm pretty sure if I told Ben this he would think the world was going to end any minute.

    Oh well... now you'll have another pretty scarf to add to your collection!

  2. What, no scarf!!
    And no fleece!!!
    What is happening???