Friday, July 9, 2010

North of Gulu

Below are some photos from a drive we took a bit north of Gulu. We drove along a red dirt road, flanked by villages, former Internally Dispaced Persons (IDP) Camps, corn and sun flower fields, and small scale farms. There were some cars, people on bikes and boda bodas (motorbikes), and many people walking along the side of the road, some carrying goods and others were children returning home from school. This is an area previously unaccessible during the conflict years. It is hard to imagine such a beautiful landscape was the place of such brutality.

IDP camp huts (notice the numbers painted on them)

Carrying a bag of charcoal.

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  1. Hi Karin, Have a wonderful time. Stay safe, hope you aren't near the bombings from the other day. (love, Ray's Aunt Ruth)