Monday, July 19, 2010

Making Clothes

Last Sunday we went to the market to find a tailor, pick out cloth, decide on a design, and have a skirt made. Winnie, Oola's girlfriend, took us to her most trusted tailor, Santa (she works fast and the price is very low). Santa's shop is just up this ally on the right. We chose designs from a large poster packed full of skirt and shirt combinations. Although the designs look similar to our untrained eyes, Santa was able to help us sort through the differences- one flares out at the knee, another is made with strips of fabric rather than a single piece, some have slits up the side, but most seem to hug the hips pretty tight.

Next, we had to decide on the fabric. Santa took us up and around the corner to a room filled to the brim with cloth of every color and design. We pulled neatly folded bunches of fabric from the shelves, trying to make sense of the color sensory overload. Since the fabric is sold in 6 yard chunks (enough for 2 skirts and a shirt), Niki and I decided on a design we would both like. With our blue floral fabric in hand we returned to Santa's shop where she got our measurements, and told us the clothes would be ready in just three days. See photos below for the finished product!

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